Waldron Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class

Gentle movements to build health through relaxation


Come along and feel you Chi

Waldron Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class

The Lucas Memorial Hall
The Street
East Sussex
TN21 0RB

We practice in this bright spacious and well-proportioned hall with a vaulted ceiling and polished wooden floor, in the summer we practice in the enclosed lawn to the side.
​Parking: There is free parking behind the hall.

Monday mornings 9.30-10.30.  12 Weeks for £96.00

New 12-week term starting Monday 11th September 2023

About the Class

This is an ongoing teaching class and is open to beginners, places are subject to availability. In this class we will be learning the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form with a focus on health and vitality. It is especially good for helping and healing the back and spine, whilst also being great for overall wellbeing. We also practice a meditative Qi Gong set to finish each class.

The Wu Style Short Form consists of 16 gentle yet precise movements that can be performed in around 5 minutes, making it perfect for people with busy lives, as we all seem to have these days. It was created to provide the most internal movement, relaxed strength development and soft healing with the minimum amount of external movement. It is a very effective form that can be done at any age and can benefit people of all ages.

This class is for anyone who wants to improve their general health, to move more easily, breath better, have better balance, feel more relaxed, and to enjoy living in a more comfortable body.

The focus is on self-healing through mindful movement exercises, by releasing the muscles, opening the body, freeing up the joint movement, increasing blood circulation, quietening the monkey mind and creating positive energy flow in the body. It does however require a quiet commitment to attend, and do the movements, but always keeping within your own comfort level and never straining. 

These are powerful self-healing programs which help you increase your energy (chi) for health and energetic fitness, retraining and rejuvenating your nervous system. In this class I set out and develop step by step the health and energy aspects of the various moves, building them into Qi gong sets and the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form. 

 We run an initial course for 12 weeks for the discounted rate of £96.00, after that we continue on in 6-week teaching blocks for £60.00 throughout the year breaking only for Christmas and the month of August.

You always work at your own level; the lessons only move at the pace of the people in the class. The success is in the system, just become quietly committed, turn up and practice – that’s it.

About The Instructor

I qualified as a Tai Chi instructor with the Lineage Grand Master, Bruce Frantzis and am a certified instructor with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. I have practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 30 years and have been teaching in Kent and East Sussex for over 20 years.

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