Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes in Kent and East Sussex.

Spend an hour a week moving your body in a slow gentle and nourishing way and build your health fast in slow motion.

Do you want the gift of good health as you get older?

Your health is the most important foundation of your life, especially as you grow older. Without good health every part of your enjoyment of life is compromised, even wealth is poor compensation. Good health means you move easily without muscle tightness or restrictions to your joints, without tension, and without the everyday pains that blight most of us. It’s possible to cultivate vibrant health as you grow older with comparably little effort, you just need to know how. Join us in our weekly classes and make this your reality.

The science.

There is a growing body of carefully conducted research which is building a compelling case for Tai chi and Qi Gong not only an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age, but that the practices gently build a healthy, vibrant, better balanced, and more comfortable body as you grow older.


Most of the beginners’ programs and Tai chi interventions which have been tested in medical research last 12 -24 weeks of practice, with instruction once or twice a week and with practice at home. By the end of that time, most people have already noticed positive physical and psychological changes, and by then you should know whether you enjoy Tai chi or Qi Gong. Make yourself a 12 week or 24-week commitment and give it a go. You have little to lose but a bit of time and a few pounds invested, and potentially so much to gain by giving it a go.

Our classes are at:

Lewes East Sussex

Wednesday evenings 6.00-7.00. – 12 Weeks courses

Sandhurst – Kent

Wednesday mornings 9.30-10.30 – 12 weeks courses

Waldron Heathfield

Monday mornings 9.30 -10.30. – 12 weeks courses

Jevington Eastbourne

Tuesday mornings 9.30 -10.30. – 12 weeks courses

Burwash Common

Monday evening 6.00-7.00 – 12 weeks course

Private one to one class

Heathfield Thursday or Fridays by arrangement.

Tai Chi or Qi Gong?

It mostly depends on what you are drawn towards. All the various Tai Chi forms and all Qi Gong practices are very good for your long-term health, regardless of the type, style, or intensity.


Tai chi and Qi Gong practices are the most efficient and effective ways you can become and remain healthy, mobile, and balanced. After practicing for a few weeks, you soon begin to realise that you are developing better balance, a quieter mind, and a more vibrant body. And you are doing this using the least amount of time and effort than anything else you have tried before. How does it do this? It’s because generations of fine tuning have made it so.

Tai Chi is sometimes billed as martial art and many people are put off by visions of combat. Whilst it is true that Tai Chi has developed from martial arts this isn’t a part of most classes which are focussed on the health-giving practices and movements.


Qi Gong sets can be learned in a few classes depending on the level taught, and the benefits appear very quickly, Tai Chi moving forms have a much steeper learning curve and can often take many months, the benefits appear slower but are more complete.

Qi Gong is mainly static movement sets which will benefit your overall health or sometimes they have been developed to adjunct specific health conditions. Tai Chi is a more complete comprehensive and efficient practice for overall health but takes longer to learn.


Qi Gong can be taught with simple movements, breathwork and imagery, where the benefits are more on mental health and peace of mind, or it can be taught with internal Nei Gong components with the benefits additionally on healing the body and developing a high level of physical health. We teach both but with a focus on the Nei gong components which build overall health of the body.


Tai Chi can also be taught mainly for choreography energy movement and flow, which benefits more your mental health and peace of mind. When it incorporates the deeper Nei Gong physical elements it is more complex to learn, and this reflected not only the time and effort required but also in the health benefits achieved. We teach both approaches in our classes, with focus more on the Nei Gong physical elements to build stronger more vibrant health.



If you want to become physically and mentally healthy, stay balanced and upright and maintain that health as you get older, then you should choose a class which does both Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It is the most efficient approach to get maximum health benefits. Be your own judge and give it a try and sign up for the introduction course.