Private one-to-one classes in Heathfield

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Private one-to-one classes in Heathfield

Both experienced students and complete beginners take individual one-to-one classes with me, but for different reasons.

Complete beginners.

Complete beginners are often a little self-conscious, feel uncoordinated or are uncomfortable when beginning something that is entirely new, especially when you realise the class isn’t solely a complete beginner’s class, but the class is full of more experienced students.

Although working with others more experienced students should be a positive (and it really is a big plus) many people tell me they are worried they may be found wanting in a group class. Or maybe you’re feeling that you’d like to start a class, but think that you’re too far behind an ongoing one and won’t be able to catch up? I promise you will, with or without private tuition, but I am very happy to work with complete beginners to give confidence and run through the moves before on to joining a group class.

In a private lesson I’m able to give you my undivided attention, and help you focus and work on what’s important to you, and what’s needed in your situation. Many students after working with me for a short while then feel comfortable moving into a group class if that’s their goal. Make the decision to start, come with a friend if that helps, there is no extra charge for a second person.

Experienced Students.

Experienced students can sometime fall behind in the class, either by illness, work commitments or it is simply that the class moves ahead too quickly for them to feel comfortable, and they consider stopping coming as they feel they will never catch up. You will catch up I promise you!  However, in a private lesson, I can offer you the personal attention and encouragement to bring you forward very quickly, back up to the level of the class.

Whilst taking group classes is a good way to learn the basic choreography of a form, for some students the class moves too slowly! and they want an accelerated learning path. Individualised instruction is also valuable if a student wishes to advance to a higher level at a much quicker pace.

I will custom design a training program to help you reach your personal goals, at a greatly accelerated rate, and at a depth not possible with group classes.

Working professionals or other people with very busy lives.

Your need for self-care and to take responsibility for your own physical and mental health is now becoming much more widely understood but may professionals simply don’t have the time during the day or are too tired in the evenings to establish a simple health routine, even though they have the desire, the need and know it would benefit them long term.

Private one-to-one classes can provide flexibility in scheduling, and with more people working from home the chance to “book” a lesson is as easy as to “book” a business meeting! Set up a regular weekly or monthly appointment in your diary/calendar and treat it as a sacred space. I work with long term students to agree a flexible and more cost-effective way to progress.

Charges for private lessons.

Classes are 1 hour, with 50 minutes tuition and 10 minutes for arrival and departure. Lessons are either for one or for two people, the charges are per class not per person, so if you come with a friend, they are effectively free.

Lessons are £55.00 per hour booked as a single lesson or £45.00 per hour if booked in a block of three. Lessons are payable in full by bank transfer before the first lesson. Blocks of three lessons can be arranged on separate days and times by arrangement. There are no refunds for missed lessons or those cancelled within 48 hours, however lessons cancelled up to 48 hours before can be rearranged another day and time to suit.

About The Instructor

I qualified as a Tai Chi instructor with the Lineage Grand Master, Bruce Frantzis and am a certified instructor with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. I have practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 30 years and have been teaching in Kent and East Sussex for over 20 years.

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