Jevington Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class

Gentle movements to build health through relaxation

Come along and feel you Chi

Jevington Tai Chi fundamentals and Qi Gong Class

Jevington Village Hall
Jevington Rd
BN26 5QE

 We practice in a lovely large light and airy building, originally used as school and a Post Office, and has recently been refurbished to use as a village hall.

Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.30. 12 Weeks for £96.00

New 12-week term starting Tuesday 10th September 2024

Please note I only accept new students twice a year, one starting in Mid-February and the other starting in Mid-September. New students are not taken in between these times. Spaces are usually quickly booked up and it is first come.

As these are teaching courses, I can’t accommodate drop-ins, taster classes or those who turn up without booking, sorry

Who will these classes suit?

These classes are for anyone looking to boost their overall health, move with ease, breathe better, enhance balance, experience relaxation, improved body comfort, and joy in daily life. Emphasis is on self-healing through mindful movement, releasing muscle tension, freeing joints, improving circulation, and calming the mind for a positive energy flow. You will need a quiet commitment to do the exercises on a regular basis, which of course is what the weekly classes are designed to do, always staying within your comfort zone and avoiding strain.

These are powerful self-healing programs which help you increase your energy (chi) for health and energetic fitness, retraining and rejuvenating your nervous system. In these classes I set out and develop step by step the health and energy aspects of the various moves, building them into Qi gong sets which are easy to learn and for you to practice at home.

In these classes you will be learning the core internal fundamentals which make Tai Chi and Qi gong superlative systems for building long term health. It is especially good for helping and healing the back shoulders and spine, releasing tension and for improving balance whilst also being great for overall wellbeing and long-term health. It is a very effective and efficient way of exercising that can be done by most people and can benefit people of all ages who are generally fit and mobile.

Note: In these courses I don’t teach a Tai Chi moving form anymore. If you want to learn a moving Tai Chi form, Email me for further information.

About The Instructor

I qualified as a Tai Chi instructor with the Lineage Grand Master, Bruce Frantzis and am a certified instructor with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. I have practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 30 years and have been teaching in Kent and East Sussex for over 20 years.

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